Jayud Global Logistics (NASDAQ: JYD)

Jayud Global Logistics Limited is a prominent Shenzhen-based company specializing in end-to-end supply chain solutions, with a strong focus on cross-border logistics services. The company's mission is to become a leading logistics provider in the global supply chain, leveraging its strategic position in Shenzhen to offer comprehensive support for ocean, air, and overland logistics across both Mainland China and beyond. The company has logistic facilities or operations that span six continents involving a high degree of integrated cross border fragmentation logistics services.

Jayud has established a significant presence both within China, spanning 12 provinces, and internationally, extending across 16 countries over 6 continents. Their services encompass a broad range of supply chain solutions, including freight forwarding, supply chain management, and various value-added services. With a commitment to customization and efficiency, Jayud leverages advanced IT systems and a strong R&D focus to deliver tailored logistics solutions, fostering long-term customer relationships.

Overview of Jayud Global Logistics Ltd

Jayud Global Logistics Ltd, a key player in supply-chain solutions, is strategically based in Shenzhen, China, focusing on international logistics. As per the 2021 Frost & Sullivan Report, it ranked fifth in revenue among its local peers. Shenzhen's strategic location facilitates versatile logistics options, contributing to Jayud's growth alongside its strong ties with a vast e-commerce customer base. The company innovates through patented, proprietary IT systems, enhancing supply chain efficiency with services like freight forwarding and supply chain management. In a notable development, Jayud Global Logistics completed its initial public offering (IPO) on April 25, 2023, offering 1,250,000 Class A ordinary shares at a price of $4 per share, which began trading under the ticker symbol "JYD." The IPO raised $5 million in gross proceeds, intended to enhance the company's operating cash flow and for general corporate purposes. These funds are earmarked for strategic initiatives such as leasing or purchasing strategically significant warehouses, expanding chartered service offerings, establishing overseas operations, and exploring future mergers and acquisitions​

Jayud Global Logistics Ltd Market Size & Opportunities

Freight Forwarding Services

Jayud Global Logistics, situated in the bustling logistics hub of Shenzhen, China, exemplifies the dynamic nature of the freight forwarding industry, operating within a market projected to reach USD 1.86 trillion by 2024 in China alone​​. As a pivotal player in this expansive field, the company's freight forwarding services include both integrated and fragmented logistics solutions, catering to the nuanced needs of industries such as e-commerce, chemicals, and retail. Integrated logistics services by Jayud ensure a seamless delivery process from inception to completion, embodying the global trend towards end-to-end supply chain solutions. This approach aligns with the broader market's move towards more comprehensive, customer-centric offerings, where efficiency and reliability are paramount. In contrast, Jayud's fragmented logistics services provide tailored solutions combining air, ocean, or overland freight with additional warehousing and coordination services. This modular approach reflects the industry's flexibility in catering to diverse customer requirements, enabling businesses to select specific services that best suit their needs. The freight forwarding market, especially in China, is undergoing rapid evolution, fueled by technological advancements and the burgeoning e-commerce sector. The adoption of digital technologies is streamlining operations and enhancing the efficiency of freight forwarding services, a trend that Jayud is well positioned to capitalize on, given its emphasis on innovation and customer service​​. In summary, Jayud Global Logistics' comprehensive service offerings, from integrated to fragmented logistics solutions, not only highlight its adaptability and customer-focused approach but also reflect the broader trends and opportunities within the dynamic freight forwarding industry in China and beyond.

Supply Chain Management

Jayud Global Logistics, with its robust footprint in the dynamic supply chain management landscape of China, is strategically positioned to leverage the growing SCM market, projected to significantly expand in the coming years. The company's direct engagement in international trading, serving both as a direct conduit and as an agent for purchasers and sellers, aligns well with the market's evolving demands. This approach is particularly relevant given the increasing reliance on cloud computing and digital solutions within SCM, which promise enhanced efficiency and agility for businesses of all sizes​​. In light of the complex challenges and opportunities in China's SCM sector, including the impacts of COVID-19 and shifts towards localized manufacturing, Jayud's model offers flexibility and resilience. By facilitating streamlined supply chains for its clients, Jayud not only navigates but also capitalizes on the nuanced SCM landscape shaped by technological advancements and geopolitical changes​​. The company's strategy mirrors the broader industry trends where firms are re-evaluating their supply chain footprints in response to global shifts. With its integrated logistics services and expertise in navigating China's vast supply chain ecosystem, Jayud is well-equipped to support businesses in optimizing their supply chain strategies, whether by deepening local supply networks or diversifying sourcing strategies to mitigate risks​​. As companies worldwide grapple with the decision of how best to configure their manufacturing and supply chain operations in light of emerging challenges and opportunities, Jayud Global Logistics stands as a key player. Its services not only offer operational efficiencies but also strategic agility, enabling clients to adapt to the fast-evolving global supply chain environment.

Custom Brokerage

The Jayud team assists both importers and exporters in their needs when it comes to meeting government requirements for customs entry and admissibility, classification, valuation, including duty rates and applicable taxes and fees for all imported merchandise. Custom Brokerage services play a crucial role in the international trade ecosystem, facilitating the movement of goods across borders by ensuring compliance with a myriad of regulations and requirements set by governments. Here's a deeper look into the various aspects of custom brokerage services:

Customs Entry and Admissibility

This involves the submission of all necessary documentation required to clear goods through customs. Customs brokers ensure that all paperwork, including bills of lading, invoices, and other necessary documents, are accurately completed and submitted to customs authorities to prevent any delays in the clearance process.


One of the primary roles of a customs broker is to classify goods according to a complex system of tariffs. Correct classification is crucial as it affects the duties and taxes applicable to the merchandise. Customs brokers leverage their expertise to navigate through the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) and assign the correct classification code to the goods.


Valuation is a critical aspect of customs brokerage, as it determines the customs value of imported goods. This value is essential for assessing the amount of duty and taxes due on the shipment. Customs brokers help importers establish the correct value of their goods based on customs regulations, which may involve the transaction value, deductive value, computed value, or other methods as deemed necessary.

Duty Rates:

Once goods are classified and valued, the applicable duty rates can be determined. Customs brokers assist in determining the specific duty rates that apply to the imported goods, which can vary widely depending on the type of product, its value, its country of origin, and other factors.

Applicable Taxes and Fees:

Beyond duty rates, there may be additional taxes and fees imposed on imported goods, such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Goods and Services Tax (GST), excise taxes, and others. Customs brokers help identify and calculate all applicable taxes and fees to ensure full compliance and to avoid any unexpected charges.

Compliance and Consultation:

Customs brokers also offer advisory services, helping importers and exporters understand and navigate the complex regulations surrounding international trade. This may include advising on trade agreements, preferential duty programs, and compliance with regulations related to specific industries or types of goods. By leveraging the expertise of customs brokers, businesses can ensure that their international shipments are processed efficiently and compliantly, minimizing delays and avoiding potential fines or penalties for non-compliance. With the ability to outsource these contract logistics services and other value added services, Jayud helps further establish their position at the top of the global transportation market.

Intelligent Logistics IT

Jayud also offers entire supply chain outsourcing of all processes allowing the company's proprietary IT systems manage to vendors distribution network seamlessly. The company's end to end supply chain solution goes far beyond basic logistics services and fragmentation logistics services to become a global operation nexus with major transportation hubs offering a cross border supply chain solution that overcomes cross border logistics while leveraging unique geographical advantages. Intelligent Logistics IT refers to the advanced use of technology and software systems to optimize and manage supply chain processes, from procurement and warehousing to distribution and customer delivery. By outsourcing supply chain management to a provider like Jayud, businesses can leverage sophisticated IT systems designed to streamline operations, enhance visibility, and improve efficiency across the distribution network. Key components of Intelligent Logistics IT services include:
  1. Supply Chain Visibility: Proprietary IT systems provide real-time tracking of goods as they move through the supply chain, offering businesses transparency and the ability to respond quickly to any disruptions or changes in demand.
  2. Data Analytics: Advanced analytics capabilities enable the analysis of vast amounts of supply chain data to identify trends, optimize routes, manage inventory levels, and predict future demand, leading to more informed decision-making.
  3. Automation: Automated processes, such as order processing, inventory management, and shipment tracking, reduce manual tasks, minimize errors, and increase operational efficiency.
  4. Integration: Intelligent logistics systems can integrate with a variety of platforms, including ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, and third-party logistics providers, ensuring seamless information flow across all touchpoints of the supply chain.
  5. Customization: IT solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business, accommodating unique requirements for different products, markets, or regulatory environments.
  6. Risk Management: By leveraging predictive analytics and real-time monitoring, Intelligent Logistics IT can help mitigate risks by identifying potential issues before they become critical, enabling proactive management of supply chain disruptions.
Outsourcing supply chain management to a provider equipped with Intelligent Logistics IT allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from the efficiencies, cost savings, and enhanced service levels that come with a technologically advanced logistics operation. For businesses looking to modernize their supply chain, exploring the capabilities of Intelligent Logistics IT providers like Jayud could provide a competitive edge in a complex and fast-paced market environment.
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